A Field of Pleasure

Posted by admin - March 28, 2018

He had been working in the field all day and she came down in the truck to bring him some ice tea. He didn't expect her and was relieved to stop for the time being. He was aw struck by the sight of her as she stepped out of the truck. She was wearing a white skirt just below knee height and a white tank top, her cowboy boots that he bought her and her hair was down and freely moving in the wind. It was a big change from her everyday jeans and flip flops. It was just the two of them in the back field on the farm and he immediately was turned on and there was a noticeable bulge below his belt buckle.

As she jumped outta the truck she named to him and as he was taking in the view he noticed how the sun shown through her skirt. Although she parked in the shade of the trees on the side of the field she seemed to be standing in the only spot of sunlight that broke through the trees and her clothes were nearly transparent. She waited for him to get close and turned to walk toward the rear of the truck.

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As they were walking to the back of the truck she looked over her shoulder shyly, with a slight smile upon her lips. He saw her eyes look deep into him as a small bit of her light brown hair blew across her face and pointed him directly to her sweet lips. She now bit her bottom lip as she noticed his gaze upon them. She had never noticed him looking at her in such a manner before. It turned her on just to see his stare focused on a part of her body that he never seemed to notice before.

She turned and continued walking to the tailgate of the truck and as she did so the wind now blew her hair away from her neck to one shoulder. He now couldn't take his eyes off of the small curve of her neck and could only think of kissing it tenderly. Only sound was of the trees moving in the wind and the only smell was of the freshly cut hay in the field next to where the truck was parked. But all he could focus on was her, something had come over him, he wanted her.

She pulled the tailgate down and slid the ice chest closer to them. As she hopped up on to the tailgate the wind caught her skirt and he noticed the white thong she wore underneath it. His erection grew against the zipper of his tight jeans. She sat on the edge of the tailgate with her legs apart comfortably and leaned over to remove his tea from the ice chest. He moved closer to her and could smell the lotion she used, a mix between jasmine and vanilla. It wasn't very strong but had a very distinct smell. He loved the clean smell from her it was a nice change from the smell of sweat from him being under the hot sun all day.

She opened his tea and teased him with taking a drink from it, as she did so she didn't seem to notice the drip from the bottle that landed on her chest and slid between her large Bosoms. He found himself locked on to her large rack as she was done she and thought he returned his eyes in enough time to her face. But she saw him and it was just what she wanted. She handed the tea to him and waited silently till he was finished with it and placed it back in the cooler. She motioned for him to come to her for a kiss. He leaned in but not too far, because he didn't want to get her clean clothes and body dirty with his sweat. But he found him self unconsciously move closer when his lips touched hers. He slid his tongue into her mouth and found himself longing for the taste of her sweet pussy.

She was surprised by this lip lock they were in. He hadn't kissed her in weeks like that. She wanted him but was sure he would soon stop and return to work leaving her cunt dripping wet. It was rare for him to go further than a kiss in his working clothes. Her senses were sparked even more when his mouth moved from hers and latched on to her neck. What an exquisite shock, to be lucky enough receive this loving from him.

As his lips moved to her neck he no longer cared that he got her dirty, as his hunger took over. He forced his body between her legs causing the hem of her skirt to slide up showing her thick thighs and he jerked her closer to his manhood. His dick was now pulsating against the seam of his pants, but still no where near her. One of his hands moved from the small of her back to the back of her head and grabbed a chunk of her hair yanking her head back to reveal the tops of her breast. He shot his tongue between the two mounds searching that drop of water his eyes followed earlier.

Thrill of this controlling force he had aroused her in a way she had never felt. He had never reacted this way with her before. She was ready to give into his every desire.

He released her hair and in one swift movement raised her shirt reveling the shelf bra she wore. He hadn't noticed her hard teats through her tank top, but it now just added to his hunger as he thrust his mouth on one of them taking in her teat and much of the skin around it. She let out a gasp as he sucked. Then he roughly grabbed the other breast and squeezed, making her moan. She almost fell limp in his grasp. He laid her down on the bed of the truck and flipped up her skirt, now covering her tits leaving his treasure only protected by a thin piece of cloth. He leaned up and passionately kissed her on the mouth savoring the moment before his craving took over and then stood up taking in the view of his women spread out before him.

He yanked her thong down to her boots and entered her juicy slit with his tongue. Rich taste of her fluid drove his tongue to go deeper into her hole making her howl. His hands were upon her thighs tightly grasping them and spreading her legs apart. He moved his mouth to her clit and sucked it then started flicking it with his tongue, as he shoved two fingers into her pussy. Her legs started to shake, his movements got faster and as he removed his fingers and lifted his head she squirted her juices all over his shirt.

He shoved her further into the bed with one push and climbed onto the tailgate. He flipped her over on to her tummy exposing her bare ass. Demanded her to get onto her hands and knees and tore her thong from her legs spreading them further apart. He unzipped his pants releasing his shaft from its torment and in one movement shoved it into her dripping glove. Her head jerked back and she let out a scream of passion. He pulled back out and shoved his member inside of her again, then took a hold of her shoulders and started thrusting rapidly. He rose up to his feet while still inside her and fucked her with more force than he ever had before. He pushed her shoulders down onto the bed of the truck and grabbed her rump so he could see himself enter her that vigorously.

She couldn't think, she was being controlled by her man and loved it. She wanted him and secretly loved the fact that he wanted her this bad. As he grabbed her arse so tightly she moaned and only wanted more. All she could do was yell to him "Harder, FUCK ME HARDER." And he did.

Truck was squeaking with the movement in its bed. He pulled out and told her to stand up. As she did so he pulled her skirt down and told her to walk over to the cab, she stepped out of it and obeyed him. He stood up and walked over to her, removed his hat and placed it on top of the cab of the truck, then removed his shirt and unbuckled his pants letting his cock have more room for movement. He then placed his hat back on his head and grabbed her waist with both hands spinning her around. He removed her shirt and bra leaving her standing in the bed of the truck with just her boots on.

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He leaned her toward the cab of the truck and spread her legs apart, exposing her tight ass hole. She leaned down further grabbing on to the edge of the bed. He kissed her back and slowly moved toward her backside. He reached her crack and to her surprise kept going, licking her rose bud. She knew what he wanted immediately and no sooner did he rise up and slowly push the tip of his dick inside her tight ass. She sighed and let him advance into this forbidden desire.

He slowly pushed his rod into her and took in the gratification her tight hole was giving him. He tried to stay slow for her sake but soon found himself needing more. He tried a few harder thrust and she responded with a few louder than normal moans and this turned him on even more. He was sweating and it was dripping all over her ass and back not only making her skin shine but adding to his lubrication. He closed his eyes and enjoyed this wonderful pleasure, then opened them with a new desire. MORE. He started pounding her ass, his balls banging against her dripping muff and his hands on her hips pulling her brutally against his shaft. She was screaming and he was enjoying the sound. One of her hands came up to his hand and grabbed on he couldn't stop even if she wanted him to, something came over him, something he had never known was in him.

She looked back at him as he thrust so hard against her and was out of breath, but couldn't take her eyes off her cowboy. She was uncontrollably moaning and screaming from pleasure. She grabbed his hand so she could gain the balance to look at him, not for him to stop.

He continued fucking her but reached around and grabbed her breast raising her up. He slowed down so he wouldn't cum, he didn't want to cum inside her, he wanted her to go home dirty with his seed all over her breast. He pulled out and spun her around to face him and pushed her down to his member and to his surprise she took him in with out a word or even a look. This inflamed his infatuation. She sucked and rubbed his cock till he could take no more, he grabbed a hold of it and she pushed her breast up and opened her mouth. She wanted his cream same much as he wanted to give it too her, all over her. It took just a few more strokes and he exploded. She was covered from her mouth to her teats it was by far the most he ever gave. She licked her lips and cleaned off his dick with a few sucks.

He stepped back smiling at the job he did. He grabbed his shirt and jumped off the bed. He grabbed his tea from the ice chest and walked back into the field to resume working.

Although she enjoyed the whole experience she wondered how she was will go back home like this, she saw a rag in the bed of the truck and soaked up some water from the cooler to wash her self with. Then she grabbed her skirt and slid it on over her swollen pussy and backside and replaced her bra and shirt, but couldn't find her thong. She put her hair up in a pony tail and slowly got off the bed of the truck, closed the tailgate, got in and left the field.

As soon as she was out of sight he returned to the shade. As he was searching a comfortable spot to take a nap in he found her thong. He picked it up and brought it to his face to take in one last smell of her before he took his much needed break. Put the torn piece of cloth in his pocket and fell asleep.