A Kiss

Posted by admin - March 23, 2018

We had gone out that evening to a sweet sit down restaurant instead of the common fast food or pizza joint. It was sweet to be alone with her and not in a hurry. I had the entire evening planned, or so I thought. I desired it to be special since I was in love. To me she was pretty. She was not the smartest lady on the earth, yet far from the dumbest. She was not model material but to me she was. At five foot two inches, she was the excellent height for me. Not thin, not even slender, she had her share of extra pounds but still I did not care. Her ass was a little bit big and her hips were just a tad wide, still did not matter. Her hooters were big, 40DD and hung down due to their weight and her teats seemed to be always cherry sized hard nubs. They were always sticking out of whatever she was wearing. Sometime it would make me smile and giggle inside. Her hair was short even though I preferred it long and nearly a different colour weekly. However, this evening it was black to the point of a purple shimmer. It was nearly usual. She couldn't make up her mind what colour she desired.

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This evening she was wearing black nylon panties that showed off her round ass to its best. Simple grey tennis shoes adorned her tiny feet. I might never realize how she might go with out socks, it makes my feet sweat to do that, yet not her it seemed. I never noticed any foul aroma emanating from her feet. Her top was a tight nit turtle neck sweater. This one always made my eyes pop out of their sockets when a good brazier was underneath. You know what they say about wonder bras! that yes, the teats were proudly on display. Oh the sweet torture I have done to those teats. I have bound her hooters so they protrude nearly obscenely and put clover clamps on her teats. I would gently yank on the connecting chain and watch as her teats would stretch out even further. I pulled and twisted on those hard nubs and all I get from her is a lustful moan. However, I digressed enough, for now anyways.

After we ate and chatted about mostly nothing we went to a local bar for a drink or two. Mostly it was to watch the other men there ogle her hooters and ass. This in itself was enough to make me want to rush home and have my way with her which was typically what happened most nights and days and mornings. However, all also soon it was time to head home.

Drive home was great. There was no traffic to speak of so we might indulge ourselves. Reaching over I squeezed her left hooter and pulled on her ever hard teat. She rubbed my crotch thru my panties making my dick hard. Like she required to rub it, just thinking of getting her naked and her going down on my dick would make it a hard flesh pole. I told her to rub her vagina and she did one better. Her hand disappeared down inside her panties for a few minutes. One day she brought it out she sucked her fingers and then her hand disappeared again. This day when her wet fingers came into view again she put them to my mouth, which I licked and sucked tidy. However, the driveway was in sight before we might get also carried away.

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As we walked to the door I followed her. I like watching her ass sway back and forth and in the panties she had on this evening it was nearly as if she had none on. Up on one side, down on the other. It was poetry in motion, sweet, wordless, poetry. I unlocked the door and we both went in, I was still behind her for sure. I stopped her in the entry and turned her around. Kneeling I untied her shoes and helped her out of them. I then helped her remove her sweater to which I found out she did have her Wonder Bra on after all. Then off came her panties and I saw the mating black thong underneath. I might see the wetness on them from the drive home. I stood and took a step back to admire her in her lingerie, yet for only a moment. I required to have her naked. I slowly pulled her thong down and might smell her arousal and see the dew on the lips of her vagina. Front clasp of her bra was easy to undo and the bra fell nicely away. She shrugged her shoulders and the garment fell to the floor. She was now as I desired her, naked.

I pushed the hair away from her ears, I liked seeing her ears, do not ask me why since I am not even sure myself. I also liked her neck. It always smelled so very well. With one hand around her throat and the other on the side of her face and her ear between my 3-rd and 4-th finger and my thumb on her chin I made my move.

1st I came in close, licked my lips and then touched her lips with mine. I slid them across her lips to moisten by gently caressing her lips with my tongue. I then returned and parted her lips with my tongue only slightly before feeling her tongue touching mine inside her mouth. Then a little tongue wrestling and some spit swapping. Crude I know but fun. Then it was back to the gentle kisses I started with and on with my original plan.

I released her face and her neck before putting both hands on her face and holding it gently. I kissed her another time before I pronounced, Will you be my wife?