How does a man have sex when he's in love?

Is it hard to determine when the man makes real love for his lovemate? What the signs?

Posted by admin - March 14, 2021

Pretty girl felt in love with man

A flame in the eye, a smirk… and suddenly you know "it's the big moment" (or… it's the big moment again).

Eyes plunging into hers, he begins to nibble his lips, before placing them on hers. So she, in a surge of desire, embraces him. He kisses her neck, then her temples, her nose, and even her chin, to make the suspense last. When is he going to smooch her?

During this time, her hands gradually slide up to her hips, then make their landing on her buttocks. Ah ... her buttocks .. Gradually, her head, she, goes down, again, a little more, to her chest. So here is the dilemma… which breast to favor without making the other jealous?

Easy: It's even more exciting when one breast is jealous of the other, because it will ask for more afterwards.

We're going to censor this part..I don't want to increase the teenage birth rate, and apparently there are plenty here;) (mdrr).

At the end, when they are both dripping with sweat, despite the post-act fatigue, he continues to watch her with , not only desire and pleasure, but above all, tenderness . Then, she snuggles into his arms, he welcomes her, and either they go in the shower right after, or Morpheus comes to visit them directly before they even find the strength to go there.

This is how you know if a man loves you. The way he looks at you and treats you after "it" is done.