How to turn a woman on without touching her?

Is it hard to find magic words for girl or woman? Fantastic phrases will turn your babe on.

Posted by admin - March 14, 2021

Pretty girl seeking casual encounters

On Messenger, in the course of the afternoon and knowing that she was at work, I sent her:

Hello my love, are you all right?

I thought of you and I remembered how beautiful you were in your dress yesterday.

I also told myself that underneath, you were wearing your little black lace panties that hints at your beautiful little slit.

I can't wait to be tonight to find you!

I will take you by the hand to take you to the room.

I will kiss you repeating how beautiful you are and how much you turn me on.

I will slip behind you kissing you on the neck, as you like.

My hands will slide on your body and I will press my pelvis against your buttocks.

Your breasts will be sensitive, I will take them in hand to knead them.

First slowly, then a little harder until you close your eyes and tilt your head back.

One of my hands will squeeze your breast and the other will go down on your stomach.

You Instinctively will spread your legs slightly to let my hand cover your pussy over your pants.

I will then slide my hand into your panties to start masturbating you gently.

I will press myself even more against you, my mouth on your neck , my right hand kneading your breast and my left hand seeking a way. between your private lips.

My finger will enter you gently.

You will feel my cock harden against your buttocks and you will make light movements of the pelvis to stimulate me.

Still standing, your breathing will accelerate when my finger passes gently over your clitoris.

I will feel your belly tighten under the effect of this gentle masturbation.

I will undress you and lay you on the bed kissing you.

Naked and with your legs apart, I will need to taste your wet pussy.

I kiss it, I suck it, I explore it and every passage of my tongue on your little button makes you wince.

I let you undress and you grab my cock outstretched in your hand.

You jerk me off slowly.

You guide it between your open thighs to rub my penis on your button.

Your pelvis goes up and down to accompany this caress.

My eyes plunge into your gaze, I kiss you again, I want to make love to you like never before, to see you enjoy ...

My love, I suggest that we both write the following tonight if you do you agree?