What change do you feel in yourself compared to your last five years?

Posted by admin - March 14, 2021

Girl feels along

Five years ago, I was really not well at all.

My narcissistic pervert mother was always after me. Constantly infantilizing myself and isolating myself from everyone, I really felt lost. I needed air, I needed to get away as quickly as possible, I was suffocating too much. To have to please while being afraid of disappointing.

It was in 2018 that I developed the plan to go far away so as not to have any connection with anyone in the family. Anyway, I had never had an affinity with anyone in my immediate family.

My choice fell on Abidjan. There, having studied the field, I knew that it was easy to do business as long as I ran into honest people because there, scams are commonplace.

If my project could succeed thanks to high-placed and honest people, on the other hand, sentimental question, it was quite different. Not only did my mother not support me but in addition, my companion at the time was a narcissistic pervert too. My professional project was not at all successful.

I stayed for a while. Until my mom really pushed me over the edge by really hurting me, I had decided once and for all to cut ties with her. Definitely.

I also saw that my relationship with my husband was not going to end in anything positive either. It is a very influential man in Ivory Coast who helped me to return home.

It was really from there that the change started to take place in me. It was like a second birth. I learned to love myself, to take care of myself, to do the things I love, to appreciate life as it is.

This change was so drastic that I and my former colleague from the Alps, with whom I had kept in touch for a long time, are madly in love with each other. And it's going pretty well.

I think it's the fact of having literally changed that attracts him more today. Before, we appreciated each other without more. Things are different today.

Looking back, realizing that nothing positive was coming out of my relationship with my mother, I didn't want to contact her at all, neither now nor ever.

Of course, there was another solution than to use the big means to want to change continent but I had tried to beg my mother to let me breathe but the more I ran away, the more she caught up with me. Sometimes with threats. The entourage has always wondered if my mother would not exaggerate a little too much.

I am free and quiet now. I am at peace. I am another woman. And I see things from another angle with resources hitherto unsuspected.