What is your most unsatisfactory bed experience?

Posted by admin - March 14, 2021

Young woman with negative sexual experience

I have seen this question in my requests for some time and until now I was like, "Naaan, I can't answer that, a little decency all the same!" ". And then finally… Looking back, I consider it funny and not intimate, otherwise I wouldn't tell. Or it is that confinement got the better of my inhibitions.

So I got to know a man who, shortly after we met, had to be away from Paris for a week. We had affinities and our mutual discovery continued over the phone. From the second evening of his trip, at the turn of an innocent conversation about the outfit we wore respectively to sleep, things got slightly out of hand. Finally, downright slipped. Our relationships, although from a distance, became scorching. Suffice to say that I couldn't wait to see him again because our relationship seemed promising in many ways; this is where we will appreciate my very high degree of clairvoyance because our reunion, the occasion of our first and last time, was one of the most surreal moments of my life, let's say, sentimental.

He arrived at my place and we started to chat nicely, just to get back in tune with each other, and also with reality, after having skipped many stages over the phone. I needed a little time but the banter was interrupted after about ten minutes by a salacious look and an explicit "do you want?" », Without any prior physical contact. My timeliness, always ready to pounce, censured the naive "want of what?" Which was going to escape me and seal the solemnity of the moment. It's a fact: I have a problem with bewilderment in certain circumstances, but also a little demon with a strong sense of sarcasm who resides in a corner of my head, constantly comments on my life and pushes me to experiment. . One minute to recover from this overwhelming romantic invitation and we were in my room. I won't tell you the details, but I had the impression of finding myself in a porn movie with a stallion who had not taken off his shirt or his socks; fortunately, for shoes, I had taken the lead. Farewell, fiery telephone exchanges: make way for a great moment of solitude in the midst of fluid mechanics (mechanics, that's the word). I think there was an initial misunderstanding and ultimately we didn't like the same games. In spite of everything, I put on a good figure, as always, when it comes to education. Above all, I managed to keep my seriousness (a great feat on my part to have contained my laughing nature) in the face of his approach without foreplay and relatively pornographic of the thing, flowery language and clichés included, while repeating to myself: “But what is this circus? ". It's unfortunate in this context, but it's more common to involuntarily trigger a giggle than an orgasm in the other.

A few minutes after his departure, I received a tender and delicate SMS, like our antics: "you do that well". That's all. Wow. I wondered what I was going to be able to say to this touching compliment which gave birth to the absurd and happily fleeting idea that, perhaps, I had missed a vocation. Thank you very much ? How nice ? You too ? I was really puzzled looking at my phone, amused too. But on the whole I found a sociopathic coldness in him that gave me some chills.

This experience at least had the merit of answering two big existential questions: the one-night stands and other superficial relationships are not at all my thing, and no, the size of the sex is no guarantee of reach the seventh heaven. Nature had endowed this gentleman with an organ for the least impressive, and yet ... As for the sensations, absent, as for the rest, the experience was disappointing, failed, null, dull. I must be one of the people, men and women alike, in whom pleasure is nourished above all by sensual, tactile, intense emotions, of complicity, of feelings, of a real intimacy which is the prerequisite of a pleasant savagery of from time to time. This time, and this is the only one, I have reached degree zero of sexual fulfillment.