What is your most unsatisfactory bed experience? 2 part.

Posted by admin - March 14, 2021

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Before writing, after seeing the other comments and responses, I would like to make a point. Most of the complaints come from women. Sadly, I understand why. In a world dominated by men, ruled by machismo and by the promotion of the image of the female gender as a sexual object in the service of men, the standards of beauty imposed by a dominant minority, the toxicity of pornography which reflects everything I just talked about… it is normal for women to have, in general, the worst experiences "in bed". This normality is deplorable, sad and unhappy.

As far as I am concerned, I admit that I do not recognize what was my worst experience. I was already vomited on it because of not wanting to sleep without a condom (we were naked, she insisted to the point of forcing me to put her in her interior and when she saw that I was not going to access, despite with all her insistence, she put her fingers to her throat to force herself to vomit. A task that she succeeded. Another time, I slept with a female arsonist! I realized it while undressing her when seeing all the scars she had on her torso. She burned me with the tip of a cigarette. Today, I still have the scar (it's been almost 7 years).

In short, I had adventures! However, as crazy and bizarre as they seem, I have enjoyed every one without regrets. By taking anyone to silk or wherever to sleep, you must be ready to play Russian roulette. Fortunately, I have never been subjected, against my will, or humiliated, denigrated, violently assaulted during the act. I am very fortunate to have experiences that are more comic than sad like "worst experiences in bed".

One more thing, directed at women, men who care about your satisfaction and worry about complimenting you in bed exist. We exist! In a world and context described at the beginning, it is not in every corner; but, with a little patience and luck, it will come. I am addressing this message primarily to the female gender because it is women who, in my opinion, suffer most of these inequalities. However, this message is valid for anyone who has encountered nothing but selfishness and indifference in their partners.

Nothing compares to feeling comfortable in bed, without complexes, with an open mind to experience new things, to feel able to give the most delicious orgasms to our partner… I am really lucky to have someone one like that in my life with whom I have the best experience in bed. One thing is certain, having sex and having sex are very different things, in my opinion :)