What was your best sexual experience?

Posted by admin - March 14, 2021

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My best sexual experience is quite recent and it was in the company of my current girlfriend (hence the anonymity). I am writing this mainly to help possible men who might be in the same situation as me. Indeed, we love each other but we sometimes suffer from decreases in sexual activity (because of stress, work, studies, my libido a little higher than his, etc.). In short, it is sometimes a source of quarrels but nothing serious, we discuss it openly. So much for the background.

Suddenly, one day I was quite upset and stressed and my girlfriend had fallen into conversations with an old friend. Nothing to help my mood. Coming home from school, she kept asking me when I was coming back. I thought it was to discuss this girl but when I came back she was in our bed and after five minutes of silence she said to me: "I'm all naked, will you come?" while she hardly ever takes the first step. So I went up and it lasted well 45 minutes with preliminary, 3 positions, she rather very wet and very dilated, me quite enduring (strangely) then finally the two of us against each other for 1 hour and a second-round after…

We can say that it was almost reconciling on the pillow;). Anyway, always talk to your girlfriends about sex if you ever have a problem, without rushing her of course.